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Massage Therapy Common Questions

Massage therapy has many different techniques and benefits to each treatment. Here are some massage therapy common questions we have answered about the benefits and what to expect from a typical treatment in our London, Ontario clinic.

What Can Massage Therapy Do For Me?

There are many benefits to massage therapy for people of all ages and different conditions. Some specific conditions that we treat frequently include: back pain, pregnancy, post injury, headaches, and stress management.

Will Massage Therapy Hurt?

Communication is the most important thing with your therapist. Some treatment techniques applied with massage therapy may cause some discomfort and it is important to establish a comfort scale with your therapist. You can stop or change the treatment at any time.

Who Can Receive Massage Therapy?

All ages can receive massage therapy. However, there are certain health conditions that are not safe for treatment. Your therapist will discuss with you if massage therapy is appropriate for you.

What Can I Expect On My First Visit?

We have a health history for you to complete. An initial assessment and treatment plan will be discussed with you to help you meet your goals.

What Clothing Do I Have To Remove?

Your therapist will review the areas to be treated with you. You may decide to receive a full body treatment or just one area for example: neck and shoulders. During your treatment you will be draped at all times and you remove your clothing to your comfort level.

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